Saturday, July 11, 2009

There are things you get used to....

There are things you get used to, being a performer's wife.

Like having people stop you at midnight in Wal-Mart while you're buying diapers so they can talk to your spouse. Like having people stop your spouse on the street to say, "Aren't you the ____ guy?" (Kazoo, Toxic Audio, moosebutter, etc). Like having people watch you walk by and twitter behind their hands (in both senses of the word--twitter is loaded anymore). Like overhearing on the phone as you walk past someone, "You won't believe who I just saw walk by!" Like phone calls and visits at all hours of the day and night. Like the jargon. Like rehearsals, auditions, demos, studios, producers, agents, etc. etc. etc. Like having your spouse gone frequently doing shows, including when you are about to have a baby--or even while you're in the hospital having just had one. Like stage doors. Stages. Theater staff. Getting in to places free that other people are paying a lot for. Arriving early and leaving late. Washing costumes. Which equipment the kids can touch and which they can't. Weird hours. Empty theaters. Seeing your spouse's face and name on posters and signs. Not being able to communicate or even make eye contact during shows. Keeping kids from running up on stage.

I've even gotten used to other women hitting on my husband. I know it happens--he tells me when it does. I see them making eyes. More than once he's called me over from across the theater to introduce me and all the kids to a woman that he's just met--and then we've watched her make a hasty exit. He often signs autographs holding one baby or another of ours--it makes a statement.

Tonight was the first time he came home saying that he had MEN hitting on him--overtly. Calling him "handsome" and asking if his wife knew where he was, and if she cared.

I'm not sure I can ever get used to that!

(I did ask him, when he told me, "What would they have done if they had known you were LDS?")

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