Saturday, July 11, 2009


As I thought about the fact that two men were hitting on my husband, it began to seem rather brazen of them. After all, they made it a point to find out if he was married FIRST, and then proceeded to hit on him anyway.

If they are so anxious to claim marriage as their own, why do they have so little regard for it?


Becca Jones said...

I'm inexplicably getting porn spam on this post, so I'm disabling all comments.

Sorry to those who made legitimate comments. I might reconsider in a while.

Becca Jones said...

Legitimate comments that were unfairly penalized:

I was unfair in generalizing an entire culture's beliefs and behaviors from the behaviors of two individuals.

I concede this point.

Women also hit on my husband--are they also anti-marriage?

No--because the women who hit on my husband blush and hotfoot it out of there when they discover he's married.

There are homewreckers of both genders and all orientations.

I agree. And all of them make me sad. I think our nation would be much much stronger if family and marriage were held sacred as a cultural norm instead of as old fashioned and limiting and temporary.