Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sneaking out at night.

Me, to my teenagers: "You guys don't sneak out at night, do you?"
14 yo: "Uh...does the back porch count?"
16 yo: "If I'm sneaking out, I'm so sneaky that even I don't know I sneaked out!"
12 yo: "My friends all go to bed early, so there's nothing to sneak out for."
14 yo: "If you provide the Victorian clothes, I'll sneak out with you, Mom." (Man, I would do that!)
9 yo: "I sometimes sneak out to the freezer to get a pizza."
14 yo: "Sometimes I sit on the front porch and whittle at 3 am...."

I guess every time they've snuck out at night, I've proposed it. I'm good with that.

And now they're teasing me because I'm awake all night anyway....I mean, I asked them all this at 3:45 am, when nobody was willing to get in bed.