Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Did I just Read that?

From a free sample that came in the mail today:

The included card begins, "We want to know how you feel about the Playtex Sport tampon sample that we included with your package. Respond today...."

Okay, so the "package" included a space holder, and a card, and another little box. Why the extra packaging? Why not just send the one box and the card? Who knows.

Anyway, the "how you feel about the sample" survey had exactly ONE question, which was, "What best describes your experience with Playtex Sport tampons before receiving this sample?" (emphasis added by me) and the questions are all about how much you knew about the brand before you got the sample in the mail.

In other words, they didn't really want to know "how you feel about the sample" they included with the card..uh...I mean "package" (the spacer in the box?).

And on the response card as one of the options was this gem:

"Tried Playtex Sport brand but did not use it/buy it."

What do they think "tried" means?

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