Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On Being Two

Benji sometimes gets what's going on too well.

Yesterday, while I was reading, he was playing in front of me and I wasn't paying much attention to him or to the baby I was nursing until a few key words from Benji's song sneaked into my consciousness: "Coloring the baby. Coloring the baby." I peeked around my copy of Wired and found that he was, indeed, coloring the baby. Green. With marker. Which didn't wash off.


Benji has also grasped a key concept in our family: We don't use the TV for anything on Sunday, and we don't use the internet for entertainment on Sundays (so no games, no PBSkids, no funbrain). He didn't get it entirely, though. He thinks we're not allowed to do ANYTHING he likes on Sunday.

So the other Sunday he was standing at my knees while I nursed the baby and he said, "Sing a song, Mommy." I replied, "So do you want me to sing you a song?" He paused, thought for a moment, and then said (loudly, and with a surprising amount of force), "No! It's Sunday!"

Today (it's Wednesday), he wanted to use the TV to watch videos when the kids were already using it to play Nintendo. I watched him stand in the doorway and say to the kids. "No PacMan! Sunday for PacMan!"


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