Sunday, July 26, 2009

Penny Pinching Tips: Watch the Package Size

The good news: WalMart dropped their prices on boxes of reams of paper from $20-$25.00/box to $15.00 a box!

The bad news: They also cut the boxes in half! So now you get 5 reams instead of 10, and each ream actually costs MORE than picking it up off the shelf in the non-bulk package.

This is a massive trend in industry right now, from ice cream to popsicles to boxes of paper. Beware that you don't get cheated by a cheaper package that is actually more expensive if you take the smaller size into account.

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Clementina said...

Here is a wonderful alternative to falling victim to this popsicle scam whilst helping save the enviroment and enjoying a mind-blowing healthful treat: my own Mexican style paletas.
No joke.