Thursday, July 02, 2009

Since ya'll helped so much last time....a spider!

This little critter crawled across my shoulder and the baby's face while I was nursing. In my eagerness to brush him off, I managed to brush off six of his legs. We found him lying on my tummy, still alive, and scooped him onto a paper because I've never seen anything like this spider before. He has a white abdomen, black "antennae" (pinchers?), and brown 'ribbing' on his abdomen. We looked online and couldn't find what he is.

So we tried to get pictures. Difficult, considering we have a normal camera and the poor guy was 1/4 inch long and kept rolling around with his two remaining legs. If you want, I'll email you a better picture you can zoom in on to see what he really looks like (no photo editing software on this computer, or I'd zoom in myself and post that!).

The kids are anxious for it to be an as-yet undiscovered spider so they can give it the scientific name of "Secret Basilisk Spider."

He's in the freezer now, if you want to come visit the actual (now chilly) specimen.

I hope he's not poisonous and prolific, or we might have lots--in my rocking chair!

PS Caleb says to tell you all that Dan decided to play dead while we were identifying the spider. Pics of that coming tomorrow.

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morelightthanburden said...

Goodness! Looked this one up and didn't have much luck. There are MANY with the brown ribbing-look, so, without a closer peek, I really can't tell. Sorry.