Saturday, February 27, 2010

What I want to tell my congressmen and senators

Here's what I wish I could tell my congressmen and senators. It's not that there's no methods set up for talking to them. It's that last time I did, I got a seriously condescending email back explaining why I was wrong.


So what I wish I could tell them is that THEY represent ME, not their political party, not the president, not their personal ideology. We hire them to tell the federal government what would be good for us. At least, that's the theory.

I also wish I could get them to sponsor some anti-pork legislation. Pork is just a way of bribing congressmen and senators to go against what the people in their states want.  Here's what I would do:  Make a one subject/one bill law. If something can't reasonably shown to be directly connected to the central issue in a bill, it wouldn't be allowed to be included--you'd have to put it in a separate bill. The other thing I would do is make a states pay for their own projects law. If the project can't clearly be shown to be for the benefit of the entire nation, then the state shouldn't be allowed to take federal money for it unless it is in response to a mandate from the federal government (so you can take federal money to work on national projects, like build a defense plant, or to obey federal law, like in education). National Money should NEVER go to pay for something that benefits only a locality, like their city arts center.

I wish I could remind the senators, congressmen, world, and American public that the US government is not a piggy bank.

I wish I could tell the government to have an Americans First policy. It sounds horrible, but it disgusts me that the US government is the biggest financial supporter of many of the UN's projects, and the money is being used to remodel people's second apartments, etc. If the project is so important, we should do it ourselves and forget the UN--they have proven themselves untrustworthy.  Also, it has become abundantly clear that giving other nations money (or other aid) doesn't make them our friends, and when our own people are starving, jobless, dying of preventable illnesses, etc., it seems iffy to be spending millions and billions in foreign aid, especially through systems where the money becomes unaccounted for. It's not that I'm against foreign aid. I'm totally for it. I'm just sick of the world considering us their piggy bank, and I think the government should consider the American People it's number 1 priority. Selfish? Maybe. Realistic? YES.

This country has been living in a constant state of BLOAT for a long time, and it amazes me that the people know that its over, but the government insists on closing their eyes to the realities around them and continue as they were.

What happens when a government goes bankrupt, anyway?

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