Thursday, February 18, 2010

How am I just BARELY discovering this?

Turns out that MIT has been putting complete courses online for anyone to use for years now. There are 1900 classes and more being added all the time. If you want a college education, you have to look no further than here (at least as a launching point). Course List:

You get your standard Chem 101 kinds of classes, of course, but also these:

Costume Design and Construction:

Chemistry of Sports:

Physics of Rock Climbing:

Kitchen Chemistry:

Wheelchair design in Developing Countries:

Cultural Performances of Asia:

Anthropology of Computing:

Ancient Philosophy and Math:

and Lego Robotics:

Among others......

1900 others.

And more coming all the time.

Oh, and there are more in the archive:

and there are high school courses, science movies, AP materials, and more and more. I could spend years here just soaking it all up. And I might. Always wanted more classes in science without the worry of grades.....

Oh, wait.  There's more. MIT isn't the only school that does it:

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