Thursday, February 04, 2010


I've only looked at a few of the lessons, and it's only Pre-K-2 right now (but plans to be K-8 soon):

FREE, animated, complete curriculum, including Spanish, that at first glance rivals Time4Learning and K12. For no cost. And it has managed what T4L and K12 didn't for me, and that is they actually INSERT the printable worksheets right into the curriculum for the kids. So it does a little animated thing, and then puts up the worksheet for you to print right there. T4L has them--but you have to click on them yourself and the kids never want to right then. But this incorporates them as part of the lesson--or rather, as most of the lesson. (This makes it inferior to T4L and K12, which both REALLY take advantage of the technology available to actually teach the lessons with little animated teachers and stuff--I like that).

Again, I haven't gone through everything yet, but I was searching for something to replace Time4 Learning even though I love it because it is costing us $50/month, and we aren't even using their math program past grade 2, and Daniel refuses to use their learn to read program (and Starfall was available anyway).

So I'm gonna have the kids try it for a bit and see what they think, and then we might switch over. Hard to beat free. Especially when I am now supplementing T4L's science and humanities lessons (because I wanted the kids to have a group lesson experience) and math (past grade 2) and reading (with StarFall because it has more variety and is a little more straightforward in being phonics-based, not phonemics based--my kids hate phonemics, and they read fine). So what else is there? Besides, I have all of T4L's worksheets downloaded that I can print any time to cover what they teach. I guess the question I'm having is do I want to switch from a full animated curriculum to a mostly worksheet curriculum? Caleb is the only one who is really opposed to that. And since I'll be supplementing everything with online activities via Learning Lynx, they might be satisfied still. (After all, past 2nd grade, MOST of T4L is reading anyway, not animated stuff).

So go check it out.

Very cool.

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