Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tim redid the bathroom!

I'm not the only person working on fixing up this house. Tim has been working his tail off, too, taking a storage room and turning it into a functional music studio/rehearsal space, fixing up the bathroom, and making plans for building shelves everywhere (we need them!).

He had been frustrated that 5 years ago, the contractors put a tiny mirror/medicine cabinet in the bathroom that was too small and too low for him to shave with. Now, with our new "make it how we want it instead of fussing about what we lack" attitude, he tackled the bathroom.

We searched through all our stuff and came up with an old, long mirror that was taken out of the master bathroom when the house was remodeled when we bought it and a vintage mirror that's been in my family for at least 25 years (and was vintage when we got it). Tim took the vintage mirror apart and sanded and refurbished the frame and then put the mirror back. And then he tackled the bathroom.

Here is the result. He picked the colors in there, too, back when we had it painted in 2005!

I love how the refinished vintage mirror (the one with the frame) matches the shower stall that it reflects!

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