Saturday, February 27, 2010

Prepping for the competition season

Tim's had two rehearsals in a row today, two different groups. I think three of his groups this year are competing in the Harmony Sweeps.

The Denver competition is going to be crazy. There is a small group of men out here who sing in just about every  group in town, it seems. And a bunch of these groups are competing against each other even though their members cross over.  It's a little crazy for the guys who are trying to learn rep (repertoire) for all these different groups! Tim usually tries to double or even triple cast his groups to make it easier to deal with the scheduling issues groups always have, so he very deliberately used DIFFERENT casts of his groups--partly because most of the "crossover" guys who sing in all of Tim's groups plus others in town also happen to be in the Hosting Group this year because they won last year! Of the 8 groups that will be there,  4 have crossover members, some of whom were hired as local professionals to coach a 5th group!

Gonna be exciting!

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