Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Competition Season is Upon Us

January and February are always competition prep times around our house.

The Harmony Sweepstakes (the "super bowl of A cappella") regional competitions begin in March and go through April. Last year Tim took 6 groups to 4 different regional competitions and every single group won an award. This year, I think Tim is taking only 2 groups to competition, plus another group is hosting the same competition--the one in Denver because we have no travel budget this year.

Springtime is also when Reality TV begins it's yearly head hunt, and this year is no different. Tim has already received multiple invitations to audition for America's Got Talent. Again. This is the 3rd year he's been personally invited by producers of AGT to audition. Don't get too excited--they're just trolling the internet and their "almost" lists from last year and inviting everyone they can. We've gathered that the executive producers say, "We need a cappella groups," or "We need comedians" and then all the peon producers go out and find as many as they can as if their lives, jobs, or bonuses depend on them finding the ultimate winner. We always start getting emails when 2/3 of the live auditions are finished (like the producers start panicking and saying, "Not enough a cappella groups auditioned--go find me some!"), and this year is no different.

Anyway, there are plans in the works for Tim to audition again. I'm not giving you any details beyond that.

We did joke about saying to the producers, "Just use last year's audition tapes, okay?"

So we have rehearsals happening all the time (and sounding really good, I might add) as the groups prepare for their first performance in Denver Feb 20, working their way  up to the competitions they were accepted to  in March.

So far, I can tell you this: look for Wonder Voice and Voxbom at the Denver Harmony Sweeps.

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