Sunday, February 14, 2010

I thought this was REALLY funny

I took a couple of online IQ tests out of curiosity (since I've been reading about gifted people again). The Mensa test didn't give me a number but said, "You'd qualify for Mensa".  The other scores had WIDELY different numbers--132 on one and 155 on another, and neither explaining what system they used (there are a lot) or where it topped out (the graph on the one I scored 132 on topped out at 144.....). Anyway, one produced this as the conclusion:

"Your lowest score was in Verbal...According to this test your verbal skills are the most underdeveloped of all your intellectual capabilities - your capability to use language effectively and to communicate well is your biggest weakness."

Anyone who knows me well will laugh at this just like I am.  Me, not verbal? Seriously?

This is especially funny since their test of  "verbalness" comes in the form of unscrambling words and doing analogies. I've always been terrible at unscrambling words, quite frankly, and I'm good at analogies, unless they are flawed or have more than one justfiable answer, which their analogies did.  Plus they didn't tell me which questions I got wrong, so I can't be sure they were right in their assessment.

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