Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This is kinda fun

Snake Lady Greta collected all of moosebutter's Christmas greetings into one place. Kinda fun:

Also, unrelated note: It looks like we might be on our way to going viral with the Mister Tim/McAfee video. Yesterday at bedtime, we were at about 600 views. Today at bedtime (5:00 am each time, so 24 hours later) we're at 2125 or so. Tim usually gets about that many in a month when he posts a live looping performance video. This video hit about that many in 4 days--and that without it coming up when you search for Mister Tim on YouTube, and without it being connected as a "related video" to any of his, including the Kazoo Man vid (although that might happen soon). Regardless--Hooray!

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