Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas to Us!

Last night, Tim and I walked the house and daydreamed about what we want to do with it. See, we both got this idea that this is OUR house. And it's already weird, and so are we....so why should we do up our house like other people do when we don't use the spaces other people use? Why put in a living room when we're both artists and would MUCH rather have a library/gallery with a few chairs for visiting teachers to sit in instead of a normal living room set? We'd like that better.

Why not take the family room and turn it into the library and a bedroom, and then install shelves on ALL the walls of the bedroom and use it for a family clothes room? That's what we both want and need, so why not? The room used to be two separate rooms anyway--we'd just be putting it back that way, giving ourselves a 4-bedroom house instead of three.

So the thing we came away wanting was wood to make shelves.

Late last night, Tim decided to wake his voice up for recording by going out to check if a couple of tables that had been posted on craigslist were still there. They were. And the family was also giving away wood. The exact wood we wanted. And plenty of it for our shelves.

And free.

Merry Christmas to us! We got what we wanted!

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morelightthanburden said...

I totally agree with you here, David and I have always been a little unorthodox in our sorting and planning as well. One of the true joys of having a wonderful helpmeet and a quirky lifestyle!