Saturday, December 05, 2009

I love urban folk movements!

choir is to a cappella as graffiti (and knitting, actually) is to this:

I suppose the kind of feminism they mention in the article is closer to my version. I think feminism should not force me to act like a man, but should rejoice and embrace the things that make me a woman! (For example, I can't comprehend how the feminists have gotten away with convincing people that marriage is slavery and children are a curse. In forcing that belief on society, they have robbed women of things that make our lives joyful and forced us, in order to be socially acceptable, to act like men in being aggressive, assertive, business-minded, and driven by testosterone-controlled attributes. How is that a favor to women? How is that liberating? How is forcing me to reject what naturally is my birthright progress?)

Perhaps what I espouse is not femanism but femininityism. Except I want to celebrate the natural strength, creativity, and value of women, too (not just their femininity, which brings to mind ribbon, bows, curled hair, and puff-sleeved dresses!).  I am not celebrating my lack of male anatomy (or, as most feminists, trying to make up for it). I am, instead, celebrating womanhood and all that it naturally entails (as opposed to what the feminists have imposed on those lacking male anatomy). I think it should be acceptable for women to embrace what makes us different from men (instead of subverting our differences to prove we are equal to men on their own turf).

Anyway, I think taking something that has traditionally been used by women to make art (yarn) and using it to create non-damaging, colorful graffiti is a very feminine approach to urban art, and I LOVE it!

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