Thursday, December 31, 2009

Caleb's and Anda's game yesterday

Yesterday, Anda and Caleb came to me and said, "Mom, we're playing at being evil doppelgangers of ourselves. You are, too, okay? Could you give us some ideas of how we could trap ourselves? And could you do it in the most evil voice you can?"

I tried my best, and they said, "Oh, mom. We don't KNOW we're the evil doppelgangers. We think the real us are the evil doppelgangers and that we are perfectly justified! Now do it again."

No wonder they have no interest in playing with the kids in their primary classes! I doubt their classmates would even know what my kids were talking about. Even if they knew what a doppelganger was, I'm fairly certain the other kids in their classes would have a hard time grasping playing at being the bad guy who doesn't realize he's a bad guy but thinks that the good guys are the bad guys. Especially if all the guys are just us in various forms!

Shoot, I just recently understood that concept (that bad guys don't always know they're the bad guy--they think they're perfectly justified for whatever reason that we might see as twisted, but they accept)--and I came about it by learning how to write villains for novels. As a 30 year old.

Oh, and I've now been informed that "evil voices" are lower than your normal voice.

Other funny thing that happened yesterday: Anda and Dan were having a discussion in the living room, and I was in the kitchen only half paying attention, and when I tuned back in, they were arguing in jazz scat singing, not English. We don't listen to a lot of scat singing (I find it tedious unless it's brilliant, and most of it isn't brilliant), so I'm not sure how they learned that--maybe from the one or two songs we heard with scat in the last few days? It was kind of funny. And no, it wasn't a made up language (I've heard them do that before, too). It was honest-to-goodness scat. Good scat, too--very expressive.

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