Friday, December 11, 2009


So after the last "Did I just read that?", I had to look up, "Psychiatric Service Dog". On a website, I found this paragraph:

"You may want to consider keeping an ‘Emotional Support Animal (ESA)’. This is a pet that is owned by a disabled person. ESA are not "individually trained to do work or perform tasks" that assist you with your disability. They are pets, not Service Animals. This subject matter is addressed in the article "Right to Emotional Support Animals in 'No Pets' Housing" on the web site for the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law at: Additionally, you may want to read a useful publication created by the Doris Day Animal League titled, "Friends for Life." You can download a free copy in .pdf format at this URL: In it, you will find instructions for how to keep a pet in ‘no pets’ or ‘restricted pets’ housing."

Now, I don't want to seem callous or cruel, or mock anyone's pain...but this struck me as a bit ridiculous. Not that people sometimes need pets to function and stay happy and calm (I can accept that), but that we have to have an Acronym for EVERYTHING. It's not a pet (or a beloved pet). It's an ESA. And therefore, the rules don't apply to me.

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