Sunday, December 06, 2009

Awesome (and LONG) list of Homeschool Resources

My children are required once a day to spend half an hour on something they find on the "click list". This is a list of educational links intended to expose them to new and different areas of education. 

It's turning out to be an awesome list (there are SO MANY good resources out there!).

I thought I'd post the link here:

Fridays, my children are also required to "watch something" for half an hour or more.

Here is the list of educational videos I've made available to them:

You can also subscribe to LearningLynx at, and they will send you an email every time I add a video to our list of "favorites".

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Teachyourchildtoread said...

You seem to be doing a wide range of activities. Homeschooling must be difficult as you need to teach them everything on the curriculum which usually means learning it yourself too.
If you want another site to add into your list try ours, It may contain some good resources for you to use.