Saturday, December 05, 2009

Did I just read that?

From an ad on the inside back cover of the March 14, 2009 Science News:

In a testimonials box: "'As soon as I turned on the lamp and began to read the newspaper I could see the wonderful difference. This lamp is just what I needed. Thank you so much.' Donna E. Dozens of testimonials on file. Results not typical."

So....this lamp usually isn't what you need. It says so right there. "Results not typical." Either you don't really need it, or you won't be able to tell the difference. Great advertising!

(The other testimonial in the box says, "It provides excellent lighting which is very close to true daylight."  Also "results not typical." Ha!)

The first line of the ad made me go "hrm?": "Ever since the first humans built a fire in their dark cave" (since they all shared one single cave and we know that) "people have realized the importance of proper indoor lighting." (like a fire is proper indoor lighting) "But ever since Edison invented the light bulb, lighting technology has, unfortunately, remained relatively prehistoric." (Like that fire, right? I mean, this actually seems to be saying that the fire was superior to the lightbulb, and it actually DOES say that lightbulbs were invented in prehistoric times--else how could the technology since then REMAIN prehistoric?).

The rest of the ad is equally poorly written. What a delight!

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