Thursday, December 03, 2009

Snapshot Part 2

I forgot this part in the previous post.

People keep asking me, "Why Tim? Why did this company contact Tim?"

The short answer: They wanted an original song, performed a cappella, with one voice singing all voice and instrument parts, from someone who has had a viral video or two before.

How many people can you name who can:

write a cool, hip, and funny song but still to a corporation's specifications (ie full of technobabble)
arrange it for voice in the contemporary a cappella idiom
sing all the parts, including the vocal percussion
record the song
do all the preliminary production, editing, and mixing of the song and have the contacts to finish it
act on film (and have experience doing it)
make people laugh
pull off musical comedy successfully
produce a musical viral video (and have proof of that ability online)
and have some kind of name that is at least moderately recognizable in some market (like the a cappella world)

And do it all in two weeks?

I personally can name a handful of people who can do many of those things, but it turns out there are very few people who can do ALL of those things. For example, I know people who can write fun, funny, hip songs and record and mix/master, but not perform them solo. And I know people who produce viral videos, but don't write songs. And I know lots of funny people who can act and sing, but not on film and can't write a song worth spitting at (vocal percussing through).

So if you want a funny contemporary a cappella viral video ad with an original song in it, and you want it fast and relatively inexpensively, there just aren't that many people you can call. Less than a dozen in the whole country.

So they called Tim.

(Besides, they've worked with him before!)

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