Friday, May 27, 2011

Computer game design....2 year old style

Nathanael has become very interested in computer game design. He's 2 years old, but he's adept at playing Nintendo and computer games--mostly platformers. I'm not that into letting kids play first-person shooters or mmprpgs or anything like that. But he plays Mario games, Kirby games, and Pacman World games with abandon.

Lately, when he's been drawing pictures with crayons, he narrates what he's drawing (which is good because it looks like lines and wobbly shapes to me). "This is the hole Mario falls in. Here is Mario's house. Please draw me a balloon Mario can escape in...."

This afternoon, as I was trying to wake up, I heard a sleepy little Nathanael narrating the intro dialogue to a new game, apparently based on a clean-up game on pbskids with Curious George, but with Nathanael's own twist:

"Yuck! There's poop all over the house! Can you help me clean it up?"

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