Friday, May 13, 2011

Benji says,

So, Benji, being Benji, has determined that the most appropriate place the back balcony, right off the dining room. This is the only path to the back yard.

So today, when he did it yet again, I pulled him aside and tried to explain why he shouldn't do that.

"See, Benji, if you really really won't pee in the potty, you can pee in the yard, but it HAS to go into the grass. You can't pee on the balcony any more. Not ever. Nobody wants to walk in a puddle of pee."

"No," Benji said. "It's okay. They do. See?"

And he immediately stepped into the puddle of pee in his bare feet. (EEEWWWW!)

"See? They do. See?" he said. And he tracked pee footprints all over the balcony.

Benji: 2
Mommy: 0


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Lunettes de soleil Dolce & Gabbana said...

vous fashion.thank pour le partage