Friday, May 20, 2011

Author Bios

So, I've mentioned before at least one author bio that was WAY off the mark--into the realm of offensive.

I consistently find LDS authors don't quite "get" what an appropriate bio is (partially, I think, because their audience expects information that isn't really appropriate, and mostly because the publisher they all work with--Covenant--is probably insistent on it).

So I'm always on the lookout for GOOD author bios, to give balance (and in case I ever get to teach again).

This one wins:

"With a British mother and an American father, Heather Rigby has been a nomad her entire life. She loves reading and good quality European chocolate, preferably at the same time. And, as a stay at home mom of two young daughters, she uses her degree in Criminology to solve serious mysteries, like why her cell phone keeps turning up in the fridge."

Also, her picture was great.

Also her article had  me laughing until I cried. 

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