Friday, December 18, 2009

Time for a trip report!

Three weeks in Utah, and I was unsuccessful at convincing anyone I'm related to that they really DO want to move out to Colorado (and believe me, I tried!). Even the ones who are looking to move sometime soon are probably going to stay in Utah.


Anyway, it was a nice trip to Utah, and a nice trip home despite the fact that Daniel had to pee every 90 minutes, and then invariably had to go again right after we got back in the car when he'd just gone! Caleb was getting over some fever sickness. Anda was just coming down with it. Tim was in the middle of it and aching. Still, he drove all the way this time.

Got home and wondered why nobody cleaned my house while I was gone.  And then wondered what I can do right away without money to make cupboards and shelves for the house so we can start to put things away. My latest brainstorm: as temp cupboards (intended to be seriously short-lived), stack boxes, open side forward, floor to ceiling and nail the bottoms to the wall to keep them from falling over. They won't hold heavy things, but I don't need them to. I need a place to toss things like gloves and stuffed animals to get them off the floor. And the one thing we have plenty of is boxes. So tomorrow's project is makeshift cupboards so that the next day's project can be cleaning up.

And what was today's project?


We came to a house plentifully stocked with tomato products (soup, sauce, petite diced, whole canned, etc)--and not much else. Cold cereal, but no milk.  A little cheese. Sugar-free koolaid mix. Regular koolaid mix but no sugar!

So today Tim cleaned out the car, emptied the trailer, and unhitched them, and then at 11:30 pm I set out to find food for our family. First stop, Safeway. Produce. A Ham (for Tim, as a sort of Christmas present, because he LOVES real ham and it was cheaper than hamburger). Cheese. Then they kicked me out because the store was closing. Then King Soopers, where the customer service is FAR superior. More produce, a little meat, milk, more cheese, tortillas, canned goods of various kinds (all ingredients, though), baking stuff. See, I decided since studies now show that high fructose corn syrup causes serious health problems, I want to avoid it more carefully. But it's really in almost every processed food. SO, I'm trying to go for fresh, home-made, and stuff I know the ingredients in. It's close to the way we were eating before, it's healthy, it's cheap, and it is aligned with the Word of Wisdom. I even try to buy stuff that is in season and limit the amount of meat. I do "carbs" because grains are supposed to be central to a healthy diet, but I think the less processed your grains are, the better.

This is also a high magnesium diet, and I've discovered that my family has symptoms of magnesium deficiency (which parallel symptoms of fibromyalgia, actually!).

So food today.

Ironically, I was so exhausted from buying everything fresh and for scratch foods, we had frozen pizza for dinner tonight.

Meanwhile, Tim spent the day writing and recording tracks for his latest project--working on a jingle for a regional company. He's got to get something cool, rock-based, and a cappella. So he's down doing that still.

The last project--the one for McAfee that brought us to Utah in the first place--is still in limbo, waiting for some guy in China to approve the final draft while the Christmas season slowly ticks away....If they take out the last line (which I think is stupid anyway--it sounds like a public service announcement and is at odds with the tone of the rest of the commercial), they can extend the life of the project indefinitely. But as it is, it's holiday-themed and they're missing the holidays!

So that's us. We drove, we visited, we drove. And here we are. Living along.

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