Saturday, December 26, 2009

Did I just read that?

Don't know what universe this guy is living in. From an ad for a magician's assistant in Denver, CO, on craigslist:

"We will perform at birthday parties,bachelor parties,Bar Mitzfah's,roller derby's and weddings etc....
You must also be ok with partial nudity.
Since the 2008 election, you'd be surprised at how many people have become more liberal in their thinking and are ok with partial nudity. Mind you, it's NOT full frontal nudity.
Partial nudity(topless) is certainly ok for kids these days. "

I don't know many birthday parties, weddings, or Bar Mitzvahs that are okay with topless magic acts.  And having the political Liberals in charge of the government isn't the same as being liberal with your sexual morality. I don't think Obama wants his daughters at a birthday party with a topless magic act. I might be crazy, but....

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