Saturday, December 26, 2009

Did I just read that?

"Nestle misleads on nutritional claims on its products
The Swiss company landed in a soup again when on Dec. 4, another letter was issued by the FDA that criticized Nestle for claiming that its ‘Juicy Juice’ helped in brain development in children below 2."  And then  further down in the same article, "It may be noted that claiming things that are not true, especially for foods manufactured specifically for kids, is considered unlawful, gauging by the FDA guidelines."

Huh? Nestle landed in a soup? Was it split pea?  Children below two what? And I think they meant "judging by"......

Later, in the SAME article, "Pam Krebs, a spokeswoman for Nestle Beverage headquartered in Vevey in Switzerland, acknowledged receiving the warning letters and this is what she says, “We are intending to fully cooperate with the FDA in bringing this matter to a conclusion.”" 

Yes, well....things tend to come to a conclusion whether you cooperate with the FDA or not. Conclusions tend to, you know, happen.

The conclusion of the article? "consumption of wrong nutritional foods and beverages can impact the mental and physical health of their child."

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