Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Tortilla Chronicles Part 2

I found a new tortilla recipe here:

It took me until tonight to get around to trying it, and it was FANTASTIC.

I made 10 tortillas instead of the 8 gorditas the recipe instructs you to make (I just divided it into more dough balls and rolled them thinner is all). It was easy and tasted so so good.

Caleb ate a couple and then said, "Maybe we'll have to go to home made tortillas [instead of store-bought]." And insists that they taste wonderful as peanut butter and jam roll-ups. (And I agree!).

These tortillas were easy, cheap, soft yet pliable, and tasty (So that Caleb and I ate all 10 within a half hour--most of them just by themselves, unadorned). They had barely any fat in them (2 tsp vs half a cup or more for most tortillas) and more than quadruple the amount of baking powder (which might explain the light and fluffy texture).

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