Saturday, April 11, 2009

Potty training

Dan went through two rounds of antibiotics, right on the tail of each other (and without success at restoring his hearing at all!). He got a wonderful yeast infection from it. So no diapers anymore.

Sad, but not too sad.

Because now he's potty trained.

He was totally resisting it, too, so this has been a blessing in disguise.

It went really smoothly, too, as it usually does when you wait until the kid is 3 1/2. He's been 100% successful as long as he's buck naked. We had a few hiccups with the underwear thing--I forgot to explain that it might feel like a diaper, but it doesn't catch pee very well, and Dan was legitimately surprised when he had his first accident.

My experience with potty training has been consistently that it's easier to train a kid to naked and then to underwear than it is to train them from diapers right to underwear.

This time, I'm training him to wipe himself right away--I tried it the other way twice and found it's hard to get them to change from what they learn the first day of potty training, and I'm not fond of wiping poopy bums for years and years.

My potty training secrets? Wait until they're at least 3 years old unless THEY show distinct interest in it earlier than that (and some kids do, but none of mine have), bribe them with treats, and offer a big reward after they completely give up diapers (usually my kids get to pick a toy that costs the same as a package of diapers after they've been out of daytime diapers for 2 weeks and agree never to go back except at night).

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