Sunday, April 05, 2009

Kids are funny

Today I turned on the LDS General Conference (thanks for the links, J. Max! ) and President Thomas S. Monson started speaking. Daniel was playing by my feet and I asked him, "Do you know who this is that's talking?"

He listened for a minute, and thought, and then a big grin came all over his face and he said, "Heavenly Father!"

This evening, Anda found the walkie-talkies that I got Caleb for Christmas two years ago. Nobody has EVER played with them. Not even on Christmas day, and I just found them both and put them away in the 'science stuff' cubby a few days ago.

Anda brought them both in and helped me change the batteries, and then I taught the kids how to use them. Daniel was totally uninterested--I could see on his face that he was confused by the "push here and talk, then say 'over' and then listen" thing. When should he push the button? When do you say over? How come he couldn't hear Anda? Anyway, Caleb was totally excited about them.

Especially when they discovered the Morse code chart on the front and the 'beeper' that sends the Morse code. A few minutes later, Anda (who was standing behind me in the kitchen) said, "Caleb, stop sending those beeps. I can't understand them! I don't know Morse code."

Then I heard Caleb's voice coming through the walkie talkie. "Hey, Anda! You interrupted! I was sending you a text message. Don't talk to me while I'm texting you!"

Morse code....the original text message.

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