Monday, April 20, 2009


We finally got in and got Caleb glasses today. We saw a fantastic eye doctor who did well with him and his fidgetiness. She said his "vocabulary is jaw dropping!"

Then we looked at glasses--and the people at Pearle Vision said we'd have to pay $65-$85 above and beyond what Medicaid covered, and that anywhere else we went, it would be the same, and that we couldn't get scratch-resistant lenses unless we paid even more. Medicaid here covers $75 for frames, and Pearle didn't have a single kids' pair that cost less than $99.

I was a little frustrated. I mean, you can't even get on Medicaid if you have $85 to spare. Seriously. That's a week's worth of food and diapers for our family of 7 lately.

I called the two other chains that accept Medicaid and found they each had about 5 pair we could choose from, and both had stores in the Meadows Mall. So we went there.

It turned out that the ONLY section of Sears that was closed was the glasses store.

So we went to LenseCrafters and had a fantastic sales lady whose name I forgot (cute redhead...). When I had called they had indicated I might have to pay $10, but no more than that. The sales lady immediately pulled out six pair of glasses that Medicaid covered 100%, all of which looked nice on Caleb. He delightedly picked out a pair with gold wire frames that looked great for now, and a pair with blue wire frames for another day (I'm not sure where that idea came from, but it worked for me). Then we wandered the mall for an hour while they made them right there on the spot, and Caleb wore them home and really really likes them.

He looks great.

His words, spoken with great delight, "I look like a learned professor!"

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