Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Thin Women

I've been watching little videos, and looking at slide shows of formal gowns from all the award shows lately (I  admit it--I love pretty dresses).  What I've seen has surprised me. Not because I've never seen it before, but because somehow I couldn't SEE it before.

Most of the stars out there look downright sickly. Really grossly thin. Unrealistic for a human body. Not healthy.

Not even pretty.

Not even vaguely attractive.

Certainly not healthy.

This video pretty much visualizes it for me.

See? Pearl Baily looks gorgeous. Dinah Shore looks horribly thin. Emphasis on the horrible.

Here, too, see?

Just like one day I realized that many many people in Hollywood have the same exact nose, and that's unreal, I'm looking at all these adult women who are shaped like 14-year-olds, only with oversized busts, and I'm wondering how we ended up in a world that thinks this is not only  normal, but ideal. It doesn't even look real. Or normal.

Weird world we live in.

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