Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Math Lesson Answers

From Dan, age 5:

Question: "What is 5 + 6?"
Answer: "One more than ten."
Next Question: "What is 6+5?"
Answer: "Still."
Next Question: "What is 0+8?"
Answer: "The same."
me: "Do you mean the same as the last one, 11?"
Dan: "No. I mean the other one that wasn't zero is the same as it was before you added zero."

I marked his assignment 100% right.

He also learned about fractions today. He started out by looking at the page and saying, "I think this is going to be too hard for me." I explained it, and he did 4 pages of fractions just like that and loved it.

From Caleb, age 9:
Question (on a test): "What months have 31 days in a leap year?"
Answer: "The usual."

I marked that one right, too.

Good thing they don't go to public schools!

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