Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Benji identifies colors

Benji was quick to pick up language, but slow to fill in precise words for things. He's still working on it. So he's been able to sort colors and match colors but not name colors.

I was concerned he's red-green color blind, but yesterday he sorted red and green into different piles just fine, and matched "this thing is the same color as this thing but not that thing" just fine. And he could tell me which things were red. But not green--he didn't know the word for green, and didn't retain it when I told him. He knows red now. He sometimes identifies pink as red, but often as yellow, and he has no CLUE what to call yellow things. He mixes up the words blue and purple.

But he knows orange.

And he is very consistent with what most of us call blue. He always identifies it the same. "What color is this one?" "That one is water."  "Which candy do you want?" "The water one."

Yes, in Benji's world, "water" is a homophone that can mean either "that stuff that comes out of the tap" or "the color of the sky".

Next time we have popsicles, I want the water one!

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