Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Nathanael Says....

Yesterday, Nathanael saw the moon was setting and tried to tell me about it: "Mom, the moon is coming down the sky."

I didn't understand what he said, so he tried again, "The moon is coming down the sky! See? The manana moon!"

Then I got it--the "banana moon"! How cute! I ran to the window and, sure enough, the moon looked like a banana resting in the sky. And it was going down the sky to the West.

So today he ran into the kitchen while I was preparing to make dinner and said, "You can't eat a manana moon."

I had to laugh. He was thinking a lot about it, I guess. Two year olds find such amazing things fascinating.

"You're right," I said. "You can't eat a banana moon."

"You can't reach a manana moon, Mom."


"I can't reach a manana moon and I can't eat a manana moon because I can't climb up the sky."

I love that kid!

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