Sunday, January 31, 2010

Late for church

I felt terrible that we were late for church. An hour late.

Never mind that it usually takes 2 adults working frantically for an hour to get us there, and we only had one adult.

I felt guilty and like a failure until I looked at it this way: By myself, and with a whole bunch of other people seeing the results, and with a time limit (and without breakfast), I had to deal with 6 heads of hair, 4 pairs of pants and 2 skirts, 5 shirts with a combined total of 30 buttons, 22 of which I had to do up myself. I had to find TWELVE shoes in six styles (not 5-and-two-halves styles) and six specific sizes and that six people were willing to wear. I had to find eight socks in four sizes and put 6 of them onto feet, and then tie 4 shoes, some of them twice. I had to come up with 2 pairs of glasses and supervise the cleaning of approximately 120 teeth. 6 coats, 2 blankets, 4 buckles, 2 strollers, one hat, one diaper bag with six diapers, 3 bottles, and six snacks before we could leave the front porch--is it any wonder we left an hour late and I forgot to lock the front door? And that's without serving 6 breakfasts (we ran out of time!) or preparing 6 sacrament meeting quiet activities (missed it!) or giving 6 baths (too tired to even face it!).  And then I had to get two umbrella strollers 1/5 mile, half of it along the busiest road in town and all of it with a 4 year old pushing a baby in the stroller (scary!).

Perhaps I am too hard on myself for expecting all that to go smoothly?

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