Friday, January 22, 2010

Daniel ate a walnut!

Yesterday, Daniel ate a banana muffin. Then I ate one and discovered, to my horror, that it had WALNUTS in it!

So I watched Daniel closely all the rest of the day, and all the next day....and nothing happened!

Perhaps it was the psyllium he was allergic to after all! So I finally looked up what psyllium is. It's the husks and seeds of the English Plantain, and people who have grass and pollen allergies tend also to have psyllium allergy, too. Usually it causes hives or eczema or a runny nose. Occasionally, it causes anaphylactic shock. Like it did in Dan (maybe). Psyllium is usually found in fiber laxatives, but is also sometimes included in foods as a supplement. It's not a common allergy, but it's not an uncommon allergy, either. So no metamucil for him!

(I'm not ready to say he can have walnuts yet. Why take risks like that?)

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