Sunday, October 25, 2009

Spin it how you want...

From the NY Post:

"The WHO’s Interphone investigation’s results showed, "a significantly increased risk" of some brain tumors "related to use of mobile phones for a period of ten years or more," the Telegraph reported today.
The study’s head, Dr. Elisabeth Cardis, said, "In the absence of definitive results and in the light of a number of studies which, though limited, suggest a possible effect of radiofrequency radiation, precautions are important.""

Did anyone else notice that sentence 1 and sentence 2 of this quotation are at direct odds with one another? Also that the head of the study isn't saying anything at all (no definitive results, no description of what studies or by whom, how were they limited, or what the possible effect might be--super powers?)? In other words, since we don't know anything about anything, we should be careful.

"In the absence of definitive results" usually means the study didn't accomplish anything--you can spin it how you want to. US cell phone companies say, "There is no proof of cancer."  WHO says, "It could cause cancer." BOTH statements are true.  But both of the above-quoted statements would have a hard time being true--either it shows a significantly increased risk, or there are not definitive results. You can't have it both ways.

I would like to point out, though, that cell division could cause cancer, and that 100% of cancerous rats exposed to cats die. Also that in the absence of definitive results, we should all take precautions against Big Foot, Alien Abduction, and Poltergeists, since there are a number of studies which, though limited, suggest a possible effect of encounters with such beings, so precautions are important.

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