Friday, October 30, 2009

Except for the missing mixer....

Things are starting to feel normal here, after a week and even without my mixer (which I miss) and my sewing machine (which I really miss) and my computer (which I am mourning the lack of).

The kids are adjusting.

The messes are kicked into the same corners they were 2 years ago when we decided to give it a go and move to Las Vegas.

Lots of snow on the ground has kids going out, coming in to thaw, going out again, and debating if they can eat the crystal-clear icicle or not.

I can see the nearly-full moon low in the west, shining between the branches of the snow-laden pine that towers over the house in the front yard and blocks my view of the street.

We made home made bread (thanks to the pan Donella lent us) and snickerdoodles today, so the house smells like home.

My rocking chair doesn't swivel, but it's warm and gives me a view of outside (but not the street).

I woke up to the wonderful sounds of Tim tracking his latest song down in the basement--something I haven't heard in months (since before we decided to leave Vegas late in July!). Then, when he had a draft for me to listen to, the kids danced all around and Benji said, "I'm making musics mom. Come follow me!" and then danced and danced. It was delightful to watch the baby look at Tim, then at the computer, and then at Tim over and over as he tried to figure out how come he could hear daddy singing, but he didn't look like he was singing.

I was just starting to hand-stitch the quilt I brought to work on (but haven't because I left my sewing machine) when I looked down and saw that Nathanael wasn't just sitting at my feet. He was disassembling Daniel's trike. He had loosened one nut until it was almost off, nearly gotten the other bolt out (I have no idea what he did with that nut--probably ate it. He's at that age, after all!), and was shaking the seat, trying to get it off. Yes, my son can say 3 words, loves to nurse, snitches cookie dough by the handful when I look away, and takes apart tricycles. Strange to think I was just spoon-feeding applesauce to a genius.

It's nice to be home.

I hope it lasts.

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