Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Love this article


My favorite line: "You know you have a problem when Nevada – famed for nothing more than Las Vegas, casinos and desert – is laughing at you."  It says so much about both Nevada and California!

I like this one, too: ""There is people that sometimes suggest that the American dream, or the Californian dream, is evaporating. I think it's absolutely wrong. I think the Californian dream is as strong as ever," he says, mangling the grammar but not the sentiment."

"Mangling the grammar." LOL.

"If California was an experiment then it was an experiment of mass irresponsibility – and that has failed," says Michael Levine.

If that's what CA was, what was Nevada? Nevada didn't just value irresponsibility--it promoted it, advertised it, built its economy on it. And on sin. I hate to say it, but perhaps these states deserve what they have built for themselves? 

Now Riofrio has stopped selling booze in a one-man bid to curb the social problems breaking out all around him.

A hero! 

If America emerges from its crisis a greener, more economically and politically responsible nation, it is likely that renewal will have begun here. 

Now we know what the rest of the world sees us as: economically, socially, and politically irresponsible. And they're right. Perhaps it's time for America to stop being a teenage nation and grow up.

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