Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday NIght in Denver

Tim has two groups performing at 7:00 in Denver, CO, for any of you who are in the area. The groups are Mouthbeats, an all-vocal percussion ensemble (I heard the rehearsal tracks--it sounds really cool), and Wonder Voice, an a cappella cover band. If you ever wanted to hear "White Rabbit (Go Ask Alice)" and "Across the Universe" sung together as one song (not just a medley--the melodies cross and interweave at the end. Very cool), now is the time. Also, an awesome operatic rendition of the old Gloria Gaynor classic, "I Will Survive" (sorry, minus the cute green alien and the falling disco ball, although I do think Mouthbeats is going to bring down a Mothership as part of its show....)

To find the place and price, go to this website:

You can also see who else is performing.

It should be an awesome show!

(Oh, and if you go to that site and look closely, you'll see both Tim and his doppelganger hanging out on our driveway!)

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