Saturday, March 21, 2009

Competiton results: Denver

Okay, so two days ago I made a joking comment to Tim that wouldn't it be funny if the two groups he put the least amount of emotional energy (and time, actually) into won their regionals and went on to the finals. I even named the groups. Both awesome concepts that just didn't take Tim as much work to put together.

And tonight, one of them won first place.

Mouthbeats, the all-vocal percussion ensemble won the Denver Regional Rocky Mountain Harmony Sweepstakes.

Not only that, the two groups pretty much cleaned up the competition, winning every award except Audience Favorite and 2nd place.

So, results:

Overall winners: Mouthbeats

Best Solo: Kai, from Wonder Voice (she does have a fantastic solo voice)

Best Original Song: Tim, for Mouthbeats music

Best Arrangement: Matt Murphy, for Mouthbeats version of that Daft Punk song "Harder Faster Stronger" (Or whatever it's actually called--the YouTube one with the hands)

Best stage presentation: Mouthbeats

I'm not sure about best vocal percussionist. It would be ironic if the all-vocal percussion group didn't get this award!

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