Friday, March 13, 2009

More concerns about Obama

I'm not sold on a man who has 5 cabinet picks kicked out for breaking tax laws (especially when they're trying to raise taxes on everyone else...).

And when his people get put on leave because their staff members are being arrested for corruption, that has me a little bit worried.

And when his friend and mentor who was glossed over as Republicans throwing fits over nothing actually DOES get arrested for home-grown terrorist activities in the '70s, I start to wonder if we aren't panicking enough yet.

And when he starts to get heavy handed with the press, refusing to talk to them, I'm surprised THEY aren't panicking yet.

I mean, it's nice that he talked about transparency and communication in his campaign, but it worries me more than a little when he starts installing 'czars'--alternate cabinet members who don't have to be approved by congress (who have ferreted out the illegal behaviors of so many of his picks) or report to anyone but the President, and who seemingly have the exact same job as many of the cabinet members...doesn't it look like, just maybe, he's overstepping his bounds even more than Bush did and concentrating way way too much power in a very secretive presidency?

When our sworn enemies worldwide cheer that he's elected, shouldn't we all run screaming?

Charm can only carry you so far. Bossiness can't only get you a few steps further. At some point (and I suspect it's happening), even his own party is going to start screaming Halt.

And if they don't, and we don't, I don't know what to's a little scary. I know the word socialism has been thrown around a little too much lately, but that may be for a good reason.

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