Friday, August 12, 2011

This makes me want to be a feminist

You need to go look at these pictures. No facebook account required.

These women have collected images of women before and after they were published--and clearly showing photoshopping.  The image we see of women all around us is FAKE. It's as fake as cartoon drawings.  And women all around us are going to great lengths and spending a lot of money trying to look like these "people" who don't even look like themselves! Or even like real women.

While I am adamantly opposed to that variety of "feminism" that claims women only have value if they act like men (and run from motherhood, sensitivity, femininity, and woman-ness in general), I am a staunch defender of women's right to be WOMEN. Not men. Not feminists with their mixed-up, contentious, self-serving ideals.

And that includes our right to be shaped like women.  Real women.  Women who have better things to do with ourselves and our resources than spend hours and hours and hundreds of dollars trying to look like photoshopped "ideals" that are naturally unattainable (and, really, undesirable).

(Personally, I think the feminists emphasis on sexual liberation has led, in part, to these phony "ideals").

Regardless of why this happened, I am scared to let my daughter see any of the modern media, with its emphasis on immodesty, selfishness, aggression, violence, sexuality, and unnatural body shapes and colors--and that's all just in women. It's as if we all aspire to be porn stars, and want our daughters to grow up to be that, and think it's great that men want that, even if it means they will never value women as equals.

What a gross, distorted world we live in.

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