Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Motherhood=victimization?! I think NOT

I found this article so deeply offensive on so many levels.

Here these German women are, making the right choice to put their children first and raise them themselves, and they are being condemned for it! Condemned for sacrificing for family. Condemned for embracing a system that rightly has half-day school for everyone instead of full-day school (EVERYONE should do half-day school; who are we kidding?!)

Here they are, glorifying nanny culture and condemning women who embrace the ultimate womanhood: being a mother.

And nobody ever even considers for a minute that the women are telling the truth that they WANT this, that it makes them happy, that mother hood is fulfilling and good and benefits society.

What is UP with these stupid feminists, out actively destroying other women's choice to be be mothers, to embrace what that means, and to do it right instead of relegating their womanhood to some other woman so they can go earn money?

It makes me so mad I could swear.

But I won't.

Because my kids read this blog.

On a side note: Judging by what I'm reading lately about Germany, I think they are the next world power, but this time in a good way. Why? They're doing the kinds of things that lead a country to be blessed--staying out of debt, putting traditional nuclear family first, going forward with cautious optimism but without accepting all the crap the world is throwing around and calling "culture."

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Catherine Jones Carlson said...

I loved the phrase "reduced to motherhood". As though it were a crime or something only cheap-laborers would do.