Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Benji is often charming, funny, cute.

He's also a handful.

Tonight he:

Stood buck naked on a chair on the back porch and helped Nathanael throw toys into the neighbor's yard. While the neighbors were watching.

Chased Daniel through the yard screaming, hitting him with a sawn-off broom.

Threw my spray bottle out the bathroom window.

Let Nathanael out the front door (this doesn't sound terrible unless you've seen the street we live on--5 lanes, one of two major routes through town, speed limit 45).

Stole Daniel's lego boat, accidentally broke it, reassembled it but lost one piece.

Stuck a lego man up his nose. Luckily, I caught him in the act before it was too bad (at which point Caleb said, "Once I got a key stuck up my nose!" I said, "How did you get it out?" He replied, "I don't know....").

Went into a bedroom with Nathanael, closed the door, and pushed the bed in front of the door. And then couldn't figure out how to push it back.

Climbed half way up the face of the new fridge (at which point Anda pulled him off).

Stood on a chair and peed into a sink full of dirty dishes. (YUCK!)

(It wasn't ALL bad--he did help Anda sweep the back porch and back stairs.)

And yesterday he used a chair to climb up on the window sill of my bathroom window, which was wide open, has no screen, and is on the second story. I found out because Anda came screaming into the house.

He also ran around the kitchen holding two butcher knives while I was nursing....(He wanted me to cut the watermelon.)

Good thing he wasn't a first child or he would have been an only child!

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