Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Horse

My kids love to drive Tim to the airport because of the horse.

Right at the entrance to the Denver Airport is an enormous horse sculpture. The horse appears to be rearing up in terror.

The best part?

Its eyes glow red.

Oh, and the horse is painted bright blue.

It is the downright scariest sculpture I have EVER seen. The original nightMare.

My kids say, "It's a thestral! Tell us when we're driving past the thestral statue."

As we drove past today, Tim said in a low, growly, horror-film voice, "Welcome to Denver. You will never leave!"

Honestly, that's what it looks like. We're going to welcome people to our lovely city by trampling them with the giant blue nightMare of terror with its glowing red eyes that watch you drive past.....

There's a picture here, if you want to see:

Apparently the horse killed its sculptor before it was finished. How's that for creepy? I guess the thing is cursed. I'm sure that makes you so happy to be flying out of DIA, right?

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Brooke said...

Whoa. Zombie horses ROCK!