Monday, April 11, 2011

Interesting points here

In trying to make a very small minority not feel uncomfortable in their own skins and with their own disabilities, we are cutting out own throats? This guys arguments make a LOT of sense.

Are we essentially putting everyone in a wheelchair so that people with wheelchairs no longer feel disabled, but "normal"? Are we plugging everyone's ears so that deafness is no longer a disability, but a way of life that is normal for everyone?

As a mother of sons, I find it increasingly distressing that our culture wants them to grow up to be girls, instead of men. Fathers. How can we have fathers if we throw all the boys away? If we destroy them because they aren't feminine? How can we have mothers if we teach women that being lustful, aggressive, selfish, and business-minded is right and good, but being sensitive, charitable, nurturing, feminine is evil?

And how on earth did we get to this point that men are worthless unless they act like women, and women are worthless unless they act like men? That seems ludicrous. If we value femininity so much in men, why can't we see its value in women? If we value masculinity so much in women, why can't we value it in men?

Looking at our world as it is now, I am grateful that my boys have a chance to grow up and have the priesthood--and that women don't.  Our world has become so confusing, my boys need something that gives them focus, direction, and value in society. They need something that teaches them hard work, commitment, sacrifice, love, and that men have a vital, important role that nobody else can properly fill. They aren't going to learn that from our society. All they learn from our society is that white men are evil, male-ness is evil, family is stupid, and being a father means donate sperm and walk away.

What a sad, scary world it is.

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