Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Orchid Child

From a facebook update from Science News (how do you cite FB sources?): "A Swedish expression that translates as “orchid child” refers to a youngster who blossoms spectacularly if carefully nurtured but withers badly if neglected. Scientists have now identified gene variants that may help to cultivate orchid children by heightening their sensitivity to both good and bad parenting." (the article is here:

I find this a fantastic phrase. 

I'm pretty sure I have an orchid child or two. Or three. Maybe six. We'll see on the last few.

They are "normal" kids to me, but people tell me all the time that I have kids who "need a lot of time and attention." I thought all kids did, but my doctor even mentioned it. I guess I have unique children. But I like the idea of thinking of them as orchids instead of as "weird" or "broken" or as "alien" children.

Perhaps my blog should be called, "On the Care and Feeding of Orchids." I write more about the adventures raising the kids than I do about the adventures of travelling.

The concept is great, though.

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